Monday, April 5, 2010


Post-Script from last night's Red Sox - Yanks game:

The Psychic wanders in for a little yogurt and apple before bed. Her first question:

"Who's THAT weirdo?"

She is referring, alas, to Joba Chamberlain. I tell her so, then ask, "Will he do well this year?"

She guffaws, and replies, "Yeah, if he's pumping gas."

She doesn't understand the analogy, of course, and is being literal. She means he will do well if he quits baseball to pump gas, not if he throws 100 mph fastballs all year.

"He's had a lot of issues," I say.

"He needs to lay off the booze," she responds.

I say, "See, this is why you're the Psychic! He just had a DUI recently!"

She goes on to say he is "troubled," and she doubts he can harness his talent in 2010.

So...bold prediction #2 for the year:


(for those of you who haven't seen "Return of the Jedi" 114 times like I have, this is Huttese for "Don't bother with Joba this year").

You heard it here first :-)

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